Twisted – Weekly Photo Challenge

The Daily Post defines twisted as something that does not maintain a straight line. However, Webster’s dictionary defines twisted as mentally or emotionally unsound or disturbed. 

I am a sucker for artwork. This work is not mine and I do not know the artist. This picture was taken at Bonney Doon beach in 2016. If i could have ripped this piece off the rock and taken it home with me i absolutely would have because it speaks to my soul. Skeleton, octopus, and piercing eyes. What a gorgeous site!
This, again, is not my artwork. This piece is called “Big Rig Jig” designed by Mike Ross located in North Las Vegas. Seeing as I work to reduce diesel emissions, and I love crazy artwork, we could not pass up the opportunity to take a picture with this magnificent piece of work. For more information on the “Big Rig Jig” you can go here,

In my opinion, twists, turns and spirals are most awe-provoking when they occur naturally in nature.

forced perspective. This is a close up of tree bark with a branch jutting out at the camera. Oh and a cute little droplet of sap.  This picture was taken while my husband and I were on a camping trip during the Perseids meteor shower in 2016. That trip we drove to our favorite lake, then paddled out to the island in the center and camped for three nights. what a great time it was!
Large piece of twisted driftwood along the Northern California Coast (and twisted lines in the sand). This beach had gorgeous soft black sand. I have never seen anything like it.
Twisted Root System of a toppled tree sprinkled with snow. This picture was taken at Calaveras Big Tree State Park in March of 2014.
Bark on this tree spirals up around the trunk as the branches reach for the sky. California is famous for their HUGE coastal redwoods. here is one up close. Fort Bragg California, 2016.
Probably my second favorite twisted photo. Do you see the snake twisted among the leafs? The markings/coloring’s on this snake were absolutely mind blowing. When I first walked up to this enclosure I didn’t know what I was looking at. (picture taken at the Reptile Gardens, Rapid City South Dakota.


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